Leather Knee High Boots

The Wow Factor - Leather Knee High Boots

By Donna Gibson

The knee high boot has long been a must have fashion accessory for many women of all ages and social standing - simply because they are extremely functional, comfortable and affordable. These knee high boots come in a variety of types and colours depending on your obvious requirement such as the lace up knee boots, high heel knee boots and leather knee high boots for example. As mentioned you can wear these boots for all types of occasions whether it be into work at the office, out for a social gathering or just simply trying to grab your man's attention by being a little bit daring!

When looking for your knee high boots, you will soon discover that they can also come in a variety of different materials such as leather, man-made plastic (Usually refered to as PU), suede, patent leather, stretch patent and some are even made from a stretch fabric. It depends on what you are looking for and the type of budget that you have to spend and what types of clothing you are going to be wearing with them.5.5" inch Beige Croko Open Toe and Heel Knee Boot

My personal preference is a tall leather high knee boot as the look can be extremely chic and alluring whilst still managing to remain timeless. When choose a synthetic over a leather boots, you have to remember they are usually not made for wearing for years. They are usually trendy and affordable but for just a little more money you can get leather boots that will be timeless and will last for years to come. Several years ago I purchased a pair of lace ups just because I loved them and I had a photo shoot to do. I worn them a couple of times and then fotgot about them, then wore them a few time for some special occasion or another. Recently I was cleaning out the closet and found them again. They hug my skinny legs really well, look great on me and even work with my legging or skinney jeans. The synthetic one would have deteriorated years ago but the leather ones have held up and still look ad fabulous and they did the day they were purchased.

If you were to ask any man what the appeal for them was regarding a high heel knee boot then ninety-nine percent of them would answer "sex appeal". Knee boots are ideal for women trying to achieve the sexy look and give off certain signals to partners and others if you are trying to grab somebodies attention. This is also true for women of all ages as there is no real restriction on who can wear them - it's simply what you wear with them to carry the look off. It is because of the various types of different styles available that women of all ages continue to find these high heel knee boots so appealing continuously over the years.

Finally remember, when trying to find your perfect knee boots shop smart. In the winter it is widely recommended that you try to opt for boots that offer a wide calf circumference. The reason for this is we are wearing pants more in the wintertime. You want to make sure that the boots a wide enough in the shaft to fit comfortable over the jeans, pants or leggings. If they are too tight they could cut off the circulation down the leg going to the feet and that is not a good idea. Lace up styles are alway a good option because although most boots made today have an inner zipper if you have laces you can loosen or tighten them depending on what you are wearing. Whereas boots come in many different materials they also are available in a large variety of style, and heel heights. So, wear the boots you love, winter, spring summer or fall they will keep your walking experience still enjoyable. So, get booted up today.

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