Eco-Friendly Cork Sandals and Shoes

Eco-Friendly Cork Sandals and Shoes

Are you tired of wearing the same old boring footwear day after day? If so, you should look consider the unique style and beauty of cork footwear. Wearing cork footwear offers made benefits, only one of which is a fashionable look. Here, we'll take a look at some of the benefits associated with cork sandals and cork shoes.

Cork is a wool-like material that comes from the outer layer of a tree, such as oak. After the layer is stripped, it's washed and processed into the cork material we use for wine bottles, tack boards, footwear and other products. Cork has been used for hundreds of years and chances are it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you've ever felt cork before, then you're probably aware of how lightweight it is. Cork is known for its extremely low weight and low density, which make it ideal for the construction of footwear. When you wear cork shoes or sandals, you'll find they are much lighter than typical footwear, and because they're so light, it allows your feet to breathe more easily.

Another benefit associated with cork is that it's waterproof. When you wear shoes or sandals made of cork, the water will simply bead off of it. On the other hand, shoes made from leather or other materials may find that moisture damages the shoes. If you plan to walk outside with your new cork shoes, then you can rest assured knowing it wont be damaged when you step in a puddle or get water splashed on them.

Cork is also a perfect material to use in high-heel shoes or platforms. It's both lightweight and durable, making it useful for any size heel. Whether you want a 3-inch platform or just a half inch sole, cork will offer a comfortable alternative to traditional footwear material.

There are some shoes on the market which are constructed using cork on the exterior. If you like the unique look cork brings, these can be a great addition to your footwear collection. Not only will they be comfortable to wear, but they stylish and unique as well. After all, how many pairs of cork shoes have you seen people wearing?

A little known benefit to using cork is that it's eco-friendly. As I stated earlier, cork is made from the outer layer of tree bark, which means it's completely natural. There are no pollutants used in the production of cork, making it a good “green” choice for those looking to protect the earth and environment we live in. When you compare cork to the environmentally-harmful effects of plastic, there's simply to substitution.

Cork shoes and sandals are made in just about every style and design under the sun. Typically, you'll find most of them feature a heel and sole made of cork. When choosing one, consider both how it looks and how it feels on your feet. Cork footwear is unlike any other material and once you start wearing a pair, you'll probably be hooked for life!

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