How to Look Sexy with Mary Jane Shoes

How to Look Sexy with Mary Jane Shoes and MaryJane Pumps, Without Hurting Your Legs!?

By Donna Gibson

Mary Jane Shoes was quite popular with children, especially girls and a few teenage girls or women. However, men though not known to wear Mary Jane Shoes much, renowned personalities did wear one during renaissance, including King Henry VIII. Typically, these shoes featured low-cut and had a strap or two, to keep them in place.

With time, like everything else, footwear underwent a sea of changes and so did these variants. Now, you can get trendy and fashionable variants of Mary Jane Shoes, which you can flaunt with different apparel and match them for your favorite colors. Originally, only black or white, was available. But now, you can get them in any color and another version called MaryJane Pumps, featuring sexy heels is in.

Though most girls and women love to flaunt heels in style and have men swoon over, the main problem or dilemma they have to face is the pain it is associated with. And not to mention, the advice from podiatrists to stay away from heels! Does that really mean you should stay from your favorite Mary Jane Shoes and MaryJane Pumps? Definitely Not! Here’s why!

A recent research with about sixty six women, aged below 50 was part of a study by Dr. Maria Cerruto. This study revealed that when women wore shoes with at least 15 Degrees of elevation from the ground, which is about 2 inches, had better posture. Further, the research revealed that their pelvic muscles were in an optimum position, which will ensure more strength and contracting ability. Did you know? The pelvic floor muscles are very important for a woman’s sexual performance and satisfaction, since they support pelvic organs, which also include uterus, bowels and bladder. This clearly shows that wearing heels can be good for your health and also, make you more sexy!

So, here’s the trick to wear it right and flaunt your legs in style.

  • Imagine like you are being pulled by someone or something, from atop, keeping yourself upright.
  • Now, tighten your abs and pull in your ab muscles a bit. This will ensure your body weight is transferred to your heels.
  • Walk from your heel, to your toes and not your foot balls.
  • Move your hips slightly, to help shift the weight to heels.

These tips are shared by a professional trainer called Chu, who predominantly travels and trains women to walk without pain, when wearing heels! According to him, most women don’t know to walk and that’s why they ensure pain. He says, their walking mechanism in incorrect when wearing Mary jane Shoes, or MaryJane Pumps, since they walk with the ball of their foot and don’t manage their weight properly, as an aftermath. Yes, that’s the only problem and nothing else. He further adds that, anything below 2.75 inches of heels is unsexy! Want to look sexy?  Love your stilettos and MaryJane Pumps? Don’t worry. All you need to do, remember the above given four tips at all times and practice. When the above four tips are adhered to, women can flaunt their Mary Jane Shoes in style and without pain!

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