Gogo Boots

Gogo Boots Might Have Them Green With Envy

By Donna Gibson

The term GoGo Boots is used for a low heel or even flat heeled boot for women. GoGo’s first appeared back in the mid 60’s basically for accentuating the leg of the ladies wearing them. Did you know that the term GoGo actually came from an expression in the French language. That phrase à gogo stood for in abundance, galore which after researching I found came from another French term la gogue which translated meant joy or happiness. Before GoGo Boots came on to the fashion scene boots were generally only worn as protection from the rain and were called rubbers, goulashes or rain boots. You could have also seen them for hiking or horseback riding but then the explosion we call the 60’s.

Although available in a few colors the GoGo boot was usually made from white plastic and was a mid-calf height. They were a little stiff but calf hugging which definitely called attention to women legs. Within a short time, hems on skirts started getting shorter and the boots started getting taller. As with many fads of the era these boots became a fashion statement not just for the runways and started being massed produced and of course sold to young women and teenagers. I have to admit, that I was one of those teenagers who was brave enough to give them a try. As with any fad we started seeing the short (mid-calf) gogo on the females that were the dancers on TV dance shows that were popular at the time called Hullabaloo and Shindig. Singer Nancy Sinatra even put out a song in 1966 that became a #1 hit on the pop charts called “These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

As time passed and the length on the skirt went much longer, about mid-calf, the emphasis on the leg all but disappeared and the platform resurfaced to what was by this time was a knee high boot instead of the mid-calf. Of course by this time the term “GoGo” all but went away and now many just call them boots, but when you go shopping for a pair on knee boots with a lower chunky heel many of us still refer to them as GoGo boots.

Most of the GoGo’s on the market today still have that chunky heels, come in a variety of colors and usually but not always have more of a squared off toe. Instead of being made from the original plastic they are not made from a stretch patent or patent leather which does not stretch or at times even real leather. Women today want a more fitted boot than those of us that lived through the birth of the GoGo’s.

Today the GoGo Boots are still very popular with Cheerleaders for major NLF and college sports teams but no more than the tremendously popular Halloween season. Anytime there is a costume party or even some theatrical performance, there is almost always someone that shows up as a 60’s gogo dancer, a 70 disco queen or a cheerleader. There are some that are available with a higher stiletto heel which I think adds to little more provocative appeal but the lower chunky heel version will forever and always be popular whether it be to complete a costume or for everyday wear. The lower heels provide better comfort than the higher version and are more suited for office attire.

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