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High Heel Ankle Boots Can Cause Shoe Envy Infernio

by: Donna Gibson

As we are slipping slowly into the fall season and the temperature began to dip into the 80’s then 70’s it always bring back wonderfulVintage look low heel ankle boot memories. I love the fall. It bring on a beautiful array of colors and after living my whole life in Texas believe me if you have every survived a Texas summer you are really looking forward to it cooling off. As the temperature drops I start thinking about Halloween and Christmas which are my 2 favorite times of year. I love to decorate the house, the yard and yes, even me. Why shouldn’t I get some decoration too. After all those shorts and tanks tops, and sandals aren’t going to help keep me warm on a day that starts out at 88 degree and within 2 hours falls into the lower 40’s.

I have kind of a shoe fetish, along with my love for jackets, coats and jewelry but shoe are probably the biggest fascination. There are Womens high heel western boot for womenso many different brands and styles. Out of all the footwear I tend to collect boots the most. I don’t know why but I just love them. Thigh high boots are a little out of the question at my age but I can tell you I do have a couple of pair and do get the guts up now and then to still wear them. Knee high boots I have quit a collection but every year I get donate a few pair to make room for something new. Then there are ankle boots. For the first few years after these came out I wasn’t to sure about them mainly because I have very skinny ankles and my leg looked like sticks sticking out from the top but times they have changed. Now, I have more ankle boots than knee boots. With to onset of skinny jeans it gives you the option. Sometime even with skinny jeans or even leggings the full on ankle boots just may not look right but now we have the booties (a version of the ankle boots).

Whether dressed down with your favorite blue jeans or dressed up in a sexy ensemble, you just can't go wrong with a hot pair of boots. There are times that tall boots just don’t work but just about every outfit looks great with ankle boots, it’s hard to go wrong. It doesn’t matter what the trends of the season are, ankle boots will always stay upscale fashionable for the autumn, winter seasons and even for spring. Considering that ankle boots are my go to shoe at the second, I keep running into the question of whether they're workplace proper. At an even more easygoing or creative job situation, I say they are most definitely suitable, however what about at your normal company office? You know the corporate kind… My answer is still yes, as long as you know the best ways to don them. Booties are probably slightly more acceptable in this case.

Black Printed Fabric ladies ankle boots
Lace-up hot pink patent ankle high boots
Hades Oxford brown Steam Punk Style Ankle Boot

I’ll bet you can’t wait to bust out your favorite boots for the fall. The thing is there are SO many different styles. You can have lower heels such as western boots maybe that trendy vintage lace-up type. These are usually considered low heeled shoes. You have to understand my personal favorite height is around 4 inches and up but these lower heeded versions definitely have their place in my closet of ankle boots. Even the funky combat boots fit nicely in the corner just waiting for me to come up with edgy outfits that the boots will just make it over the top rockin. You will find some with sports themes like race car drives or even like a high heel tennis shoes. These are not really my taste but each to their own. I love the lace up styles they have now because for those of us with skinny ankles we can pull them snuggle and they even work well if you ankles are a little bit larger because you can loosen the laces (or buy longer laces). The brightly colored ones or the metallic shades are really more me. Sorry, I know black goes with everything but more fun to match with colors or even some steam punk styles with metal ornate heels and fur. Wow!

It just shows you there is something for everyone. Well, I said that but I do understand there are some of you that couldn’t or wouldn’t ever put on a pair of high heel ankle boots but should you ever change you mind believe me I don’t think you will be regretting it anytime soon. The compliments alone will keep you wearing them. My last suggestion is you should probably get booted up soon.


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