Steampunk Boots Today

The Phenomenon Of Steampunk Boots Today

By Donna Gibson

When I first heard the term steampunk I have to admit I have all kinds of visions as to what in the world this was.  I knew what I thought that punk was.  You know the people you might have seen with a bright red colored Mohawk haircut, spiked, studded bracelets and skulls on everything including their jewelry and clothing.  Folks, that's the only way you seem, to be able to get a picture of them is with their tongue hanging out and at least one hand if not both with the fist like position but with the little and index finger sticking out.  Black leather, holes in the jeans, lots of tattoos, big earrings that make holes in their ear and the list goes on.  This is a type of sub-culture of today youth and just like fads of the past our young people today seem to have a need for processing anti-establishment attitude, but what the heck is STEAMPUNK?

So I went onto my friendly computer and started doing some research on the subject and was amaze at what I found. You see this is yet another sub-cultural for today’s young people but also a lifestyle.  The clothing tends to bit an edgy Victorian style. This genre seems to be mesmerized by clockworks, keys, and old, rusty things.  The entanglement of history, elegance, technology, adventurously playful group is in no way the group I had thought. Steampunk is an encouraged motion of imagination and creativity. Like a fantasy and speculative myth there are no strict boundaries. Heavy steam describes the style we're discussing: think steam engines from the time of riding the rails began. The 'punk' in steampunk describes being imaginative and doing something new and different rather than anti-establishment attitude and Mohawk hair cuts.

When it comes to Steampunk footwear, heavy boots are favored. Ladylike varieties, accessorized with metal flame buckles, gear buckles, skeleton head butterfly buttons, metal heels, metal skeleton back, chunky platform heels could even be included embellishments to this style.  You will not usually see the high platforms of today’s styles but those of an old Victorian era.  Low heeled boots being the norm but you will find some with ornate metal heels.  To me it brings to mind what you might see at the local Renaissance fair.  Unisex is what I might call many but, my favorite would be the lace-up boot version with buttons and lace. Victorian Steampunk style boots seem to transform a dreamer’s fantasy be included when completing any outfit.  After all, the shoes will always continue to make the outfit. Steampunk is not a new idea.  It's been around for almost 10 years now. It seems to me that many of us have a bit of the steampunk style in us.  Most of my outfits are the result of finding one or two pieces as inspiration and then determine what else is needed to give that stand out look.

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