Searching For Large Sizes?

Desperate And Searching For Large Size High Heels ?

By Donna Gibson

So you have been searching far and wide trying to locate a store that carries a size 12 high heels. You have looked in every store at your local mall and are now doing searches on the internet only to find that a good bit of what you are finding is out of stock. Of course you don't find this out until you have already placed your order and get either a phone call or email telling you that the size 12 is out of stock completely or in the color which you wanted. Does that sound familiar to you? If you are one of those women or men for that matter, that wear a size 12 heel then this is not unusual but more the norm.

For You Guys

So what does a girl or guy do that wears one of these larger size shoes and how do you know whether what you order is even going to fit. That is a good question. First, for those gentlemen that are looking for high heels you must realize that men’s shoes are a "D" wide and women's shoes are a "B" width. What you will find when you search out converting a men's size to women’s size is that you should go up 2 sizes. So, if you usually wear a men’s size 10 shoes then in a women's shoes you should order the size 12. What most men do not realize is that when they try to wear the shoe that seem very tight and that makes perfect sense since they a "B" width. Will they stretch? Well, again that a good question. If the shoes are made from leather then yes, they will but, if they are patent or PU (polyurethane) then maybe. With wear they will stretch slightly but this will not happen over night. What I suggest to many of my male customers is that they should consider the difference in width before they order. Shoes don't just get longer as that do up in size but will get bigger all over. So, why not try going up 3 sizes instead of the standard two sizes. What I think they would find is that even though the shoes are a bit longer they are much more comfortable because of the added width so instead of ordering the 12 try the size 13 next time. Even if the shoes is slightly big you can always add heel pads to the back which will take up a little of the excess room. Because of the width of your feet your shoe will probably fit better. Now, I know this is not the perfect suggestion for every man that wants to wear women’s shoes but it's just a suggestion. Of course finding that pair of size 13 is probably harder than the search for the size 12's was. In this day and age many website do have real time inventory so if the size is listed then you presume it to be in stock and in most cases this is true but, occasionally you will still find that out of stock status. Inventory levels change not only daily but hourly.

Large Size And The Ladies

Now, let's talk a bit a about the ladies out there are in search of that perfect size 12 high heels. Just a few years ago size 12 and up were really limited in styles and supply but with the internet and the many different options we have, large sizes shoes are more abundant. I would say that size 12 and up are available in probably 20% to 30% of the styles most online shoe stores carry. This is not even mentioning the ladies that also have wide feet. It is VERY hard to find wide width shoes period but, for those women that also have a very large foot it's close to impossible. Please note that said close to impossible but it is possible. Ladies I know it's hard to find cute heels. You see 1000's of styles but seems like none of them are available in your size 12's. What can a girl do? I guess you could put into a search "where can i find size 12 high heels" The results will be dozens of online shoe stores that carry a selection that they say come in a size 12 but then we get into that stock status question. You decide to go ahead and order since it's showing in stock online but then you see in the cart saying limited supply remaining or low inventory. What does that even mean? What it means is that according the warehouse inventory there is between 1 to 3 pair left in the warehouse but remember inventories are all most always off a little so it's possible that you will still get that dreaded out of stock email or call. Now there are manufacturers that the shoe is not made until you order them. Made when ordered usually takes from 3 days to 3 weeks but, and that's a big but, you will not have to worry about whether it's in stock. They are always in stock; you just have to wait a little bit for them to be made. Is it worth it? In my opinion yes because you are guaranteed to get what you ordered even through there might be a slightly delay.

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