Sexy Extreme Heels

Sexy Extreme Heels To Full Fetish Foot Attire

By: Donna Gibson

Recently I received a question asking what someone would be looking forward if they say they are interested in sexy extreme heels.  As I thought more about it I decided it was time to give my opinion on what extreme heels really are from someone in the industry.  I see lots of stores, both on and off line that will advertise that they carry extreme high heels.  Then you either click their link or actually park and go into the store and what I have found over and over again is a 4 inch heel in a traditional pump style.  How in the world are these stores advertising “extreme”?  I guess to some a 4 inch heel is rather high but for someone that wears heels all the time this is considered pretty low and not at all extreme.  I’m going to go over what I consider to be sexy and extreme…what we call fetish shoes.

6 inch heels
6” heels (no platform)

Talk about being hard to balance.  I know many of you girls probably think these and think they are really hot but once you try them on you may have a different belief.  They really push you body forward and to just standup straight is a chore if you can balance at all.  This extreme was once reserved for prostitutes or for role play in the bedroom but today you can find ladies in Hollywood and high fashion sporting this extreme heel.  They are a definite fashion statement but not recommend for first time heel wearers. 

7 Inch Heels7” heels

When it comes to heels that many would call I have to more on to 7 inch heel.  After all, there is a 3 inch platform between you and the ground. With the trends today you will see many young women wearing that cute little platform they saw in a magazine but these are usually only 6 inch heels with a platform but then you take a look at a 7 inch model and your mind (and body for that matter) might begin to teeter totter a bit.  Dancers in strip clubs seems to wear these lot although I’m not sure why. Can you imagine trying to dance in these? I guess that is why many refer to these as pole dancer or stripper shoes.  For the designers it give them the opportunity to really spice up the shoes with odd shaped heel and really do some crazy designs with that platform.

8 inch heels8” heels

This is what I call a real sky high heel.  Again you will see this style on many strippers but, not usually worn on the streets.  Is there anything wrong with that?  Heck no!  They love being the envy of their friends as they walk on stage in these.  Plus, think about the fact that they are conversation starters between them and their customers.  Are they easy to walk in?  I guess if you walk a balance beam with easy then maybe you could handle these because with a 4 inch platform you have to be able to balance.  These are not made for anyone with weak ankles or you could find yourself hitting the floor and maybe even breaking you ankle.  If you are looking to appear taller or need a little something that say notice me now, then perhaps you might give them a try.

High Heel BalletHigh Heel Ballet

If you are looking for a real fetish shoes then the ballet heels and ballet boots are the real thing.  Could you walk on your tippy toes?  Beyond the fact that these extreme heels even feel strange just sitting could you imagine try to walk in them.  Did you know there are even webpage’s with instruction how to walk in these overly extreme?  Is this a true fetish item?  Well, probably and for those who love these, more power to you.  As Kicky as these are they are totally accepted in fetish footwear community.  To say the least, I would have to assume a person must be extremely physically fit to even attempt and don’t even think about walking outside on uneven sidewalks or street.


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