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Made in the USA
Made in the USA

Push your usual black heels boundaries and opt for some red heels, purple heels, pink heels or even metallic silver heels are the coolest colors making for some fun fearless fashion. Spice up your wardrobe even more with beyond hot knee high boots, a cute pair of ankle boots or maybe going to the extreme in some thigh high boots to be a bit adventurous. Add one of these romance booster to your wardrobe. They will make for some beautiful scenery and gushing comments.

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Item Name Date Expected
ADORE-701FL Clr/H. Pink Flowers 7" Stiletto Heel Flower Filled P 12/10/2014
ADORE-701-4 Clr/B. Pink Gltr 7" Glitter Filled Bottom PF Sldie W 12/10/2014
ADORE-702UV Clr/Neon Pink 7" Stiletto Heel Neon Bottom PF Slide 12/10/2014
XTREME-872 Blk Pat/Blk 8" Spike Heel P/F Sandals 12/03/2014
ADORE-701R Clr/Clr 7" Stiletto Heel PF Slide W/RS 12/03/2014
STARDUST-708 Clr/Blk 7" Heel, 2 3/4" R/S Studded PF Ankle Strap 12/03/2014
XTREME-875 Blk Pat/Blk 8" Spike Heel P/F Sandals 11/26/2014
ADORE-708 Clr/Slv Chrome 7" Stiletto Heel PF Slide W/RS 11/26/2014
LIP-108RS Clr/Clr 5" Heel, 3/4" PF Ankle Strap Sandal 11/19/2014
DELIGHT-662 Red/Red 6" Heel, 1 3/4" PF Sandal 11/19/2014
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