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Ideas for Getting Students interested in Aviation

This is what one school has been using successfully for several years.

1. Start the process early
2. Include aviation applications in science and math courses
3. Aviation expo is an excellent way to expose kids early on to aviation.
4. Students in high school need to be in a pathway that includes advanced
science courses and aviation courses. We offer students 4 elective credits
and they take 4 sciences and 4 math classes.
5. Expose students to mentors in the industry
6. Provide opportunities for students to earn certifications, when possible.
7. Have industry professionals teach the courses.

Another school is doing this to start their Aviation Program

I'm in the beginning stages of starting a high school program. The first step was to start an after school club, then offer elective courses. I started the "Drone Club" this fall at the beginning of the school year. The plan was to seek out those students who were interested in aviation but had no where to explore this interest at school. Now that I have a good idea who is interested, I will recruit those students for courses I plan to teach next fall. The results are trending towards the desirable. I say trending because the club is mostly freshmen (14 year olds) who want to crash their $50 toy drones. My upper classmen were scared away when they saw all the freshmen in the club. I think a lot of freshmen joined the club early because I did a better job promoting the club in my freshmen science classes.

Now, attrition has left me with a core group of students that want to improve their knowledge and skills. We are talking about how to avoid accidents and how to repair broken aircraft. The students are upgrading to bigger a better drones that can fly in windier conditions.

Next year, veteran club members will be sophomores and eligible to take "Introduction to Aviation and Aerospace"

An Outside Group Doing Aerospace and Aviation Exposure

I went to the Aerospace and Aviation Exposure at The Place on 22 October.

The Place is a part of the T. D. Jakes Ministries. The Church is called The Potter's House. It is located in a predominately black part of the County of Dallas, TX. This area's people don't seem to think that Aviation is a viable option for a job. The Place is trying to change that. Their overall program goals are as follows:

- Educate the target group and the public on Aviation and Aerospace Careers and technology
- Provide an open Forum to educate under-represented and the minority community on emerging entrepreneurial and career opportunities within the drone industry
- Create a space to promote employment in the aviation and aerospace industry to millennials
- Build relationships with aviation/aerospace professionals and vendors for future engagement.

They had people from the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (NBCFAE), the FAA, RM6 Aviation (a drone group), Perceptive Engineering, Express Jet, and Southwest Airlines.

About 250 people - parents and kids - attended.

They are also having nine workshops to fill out the rest of the 2017-2018 school year. Things like "Into to Drones and Drone Certification," trips to a couple of aviation museums, a trip to the DFW airport, and a trip to a local airport for plane rides.

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Other URLs for Help and Ideas

Here are four URLs. Two of them are from Ohio State University and San Jose State University, they are ideas for Outreach Programs. The FAA has a lot of information for the students and the teacher. They also list a lot of aviation organizations in the Country that the FAA is working with to help the schools and teachers. AOPA is not listed in that group. The first on the list is from the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG). It is a 35 page booklet called North Texas Aviation Education Initiative. It aimed at Texas schools but it has a lot of ideas and suggestions of other organizations that could work with you. Also, the Texas State suggestions should have counterparts in your State that you might not have thought about.





This is a Texas Award for the best Aviation Program in Texas - you must apply for it.


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Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has a lot of information on
their web site. They have started a four year high school Aviation Program
with class setups and lesson plans already done for you.


AOPA to State Course Chart

AOPA Aviation STEM Curriculum Outline

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The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has many books about aviation from Kindergarten thru
12th Grade. They also have a program for teachers: the Aviation Education Member
(AEM). AEMs have the ability to get kits to use in the classroom.


The flyer for the kits follows.

AEP Flyer Pg 1

AEP Flyer Pg 2

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